Entering The Americas, INHEMETER Provides A Large Number of Electricity Meters and AMI Solutions

In recent years, we have cooperated with many regions in the Americas by virtue of our strong enterprise strength and global strategies with our continuous efforts.

Take Latin America as an example. The special power distribution and wiring methods have determined the special technical requirements of electricity meters. At present, most of the Latin American regions use IEC and ANSI standard meters and most of them are single phase three wire and two phase three wire meters.

For this situation, Inhemeter worked closely with the local engineers and tailored various solutions for the market. Finally Inhemeter provided a number of utilities including EPM in Colombia with AMI solution, DIN rail smart meters which support both prepaid and postpaid modes, CT Meters and the best power maintenance service, creating a good customer experience.

Another country in the Americas, Argentina, made the decision to implement smart metering AMI project nationwide to replace traditional electricity meters with latest smart meters to improve energy efficiency and revenue collection.

INHEMETER obtained local meter certification of INTI/IRAM and conducted AMI pilot with E Company which became the first project to successfully integrate the prepaid smart meter with SMARTAMI.

After this pilot, E decided to fully update the prepaid smart metering system. Inhemeter acting as the main meter supplier and technology provider will improve the technology and service level, striving to develop the AMI solution.

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