Lightening The Cities, INHE “Heroes in Harm's Way” Help Overseas Countries Fight Against The Epidemic.

Governments implemented a series of emergency measures against epidemic like "lockdown the entire country", "lockdown the city" and "home quarantine". For epidemic prevention and control, electricity is the critical guarantee. For the smooth implementation of anti-epidemic work, ensuring reliable power supply and stable electricity consumption is the important prerequisite.

Affected by the epidemic, the government of Country A announced a new policy of providing three months’ free electricity to users. The policy covered around one million users and six million citizens. As the smart payment solution provider in Project A, INHE provided full technical support for the electricity vending system with quick response and successfully completed the project within 3-5 days. INHE local customer service team kept efficient communication and provided services, while INHE technical team in China provided remote online support day by night. They made sure the normality and stability of electricity supply and consumption for local residents and all electricity institutions during the epidemic.

The utility in Country B also raised the demand for electricity reimbursement and compensation for purchase users during the epidemic. The compensation details shall be shown on the receipts, USSD and agent electricity vending system. INHE team faced some technical difficulties due to the complexities of charging methods and algorithm logic, as well as the correction demand of legacy data. However, in order to ensure the reliability of system operation, INHE technical engineers kept remote communications with each other online and provided support to overcome difficulties during the outbound restriction period. INHE team has ensured the reliability of electricity transmission and supply for residential, industrial and commercial users, and provided strong support against the epidemic.

Many countries faced darkness due to the epidemic, but INHE team sparkled the glimmer of light with their persistence against the epidemic. They stuck to their working positions in overseas countries and ensured the smooth and convenient use of electricity for utilities. INHE “Heroes in Harm's Way” provided helping hands to fight against epidemic with their practical actions, guard and transmit the light of the cities during this battle without gunpowder.

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