Shenzhen-Africa Economic and Trade Matchmaking Meeting 2021 INHE Responds to“the Belt and Road Initiatives”for Common Development


On September 27th, Shenzhen-Africa Economic and Trade Matchmaking Meeting 2021 was held in Changsha City, Hunan Province. INHE was invited to attend the meeting. The president assistant of Inhe Group, Mr. Zhujianping, was invited to deliver a speech titled Cultivate African Market Strenuously, Build Smart Grid Together, sharing the pioneering work and growing stories of INHE in Africa and the stories under the background of the Belt and Road Initiatives”.

When INHE Group was founded, its capital and techniques were uncompetitive. INHE chose to start its business in Africa, a developing continent. Step by step, INHE develops into the largest supplier of smart meters in Africa, providing power services for over 10 million households in Africa. At the same time, INHE explores its market in other developing areas, such as South America, South Asia and the Middle East by virtue of its great product quality and accumulated strength and experience. Nowadays, INHE has exported products to more than 80 countries and regions around the world and supplies products for the global high-end market and State Grid Corporation of China, staging a struggle story of surrounding the cities from the countryside.

With the goal to Build Smart Grid Together, INHE owns a number of business sectors, such as smart meters, AMI systems, smart power distribution, photovoltaic new energy, and communication modules etc. At present, INHE is in a stage of rapid growth. In the future, Inhe will also take an open and win-win attitude, give full play to its own advantages, maintain close ties between China and Africa, and promote China-Africa cooperation.

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