Metering Solution for C&I Users

Commercial&Industrial (C&I) customers or other Large Power Unit (LPU) users are very important to power companies. Although they account for a very small percentage (less than 4%), their electricity consumption quantity is very high (more than 50%). Therefore the management of these customers is undoubtedly very important for power companies.

The C&I metering solution of Inhemeter provides power companies, industrial and commercial entities with a management platform that enables them to manage and monitor energy usage in a more efficient manner.

The C&I system management platform provided by the C&I metering solution of Inhemeter is a complete multi-vendor data collection and management system. It collects large amounts of data from high-precision electricity meters installed at C&I and LPU clients’ premises. These high-precision meters can be purchased from Inhemeter or other meter suppliers. The C&I metering solution can make full use of PSTN, GSM/GPRS, DSL, optical fiber and other communication technologies, collect measurement data from the clients, and perform data processing and power analysis.

Advantages of this solution:

Monitor large energy consumption by installing smart metering devices for only a few large power users

· Fast ROI (return on investment)

· Guaranteed income

· Real time energy usage monitoring

· Remote meter reading

· Data analysis

· Generating reports

· Improving customer service

· Improving billing process

· Power quality management


· Load control

The C&I metering solution provides clients side for C&I customers, and the power company can send consumption reports to customers, including billing, consumption history, load profiles, historical events, maximum demand and more.

The solution is flexible and convenient, and can settle accounts for every week, every 10 days, every 20 days, every month, and every two months. In addition, users can report feedback to the power company through the system.

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