RF Metering Solution

In the process of upgrading the old mechanical meters to smart meters, it is inevitable that the old meters and the smart meters will coexist. It is also a problem that Inhemeter concerns on how to improve the reading modes of mechanical old meters after the application of the meter reading system. The RF metering solution consists of the electricity meter, the wireless handheld terminal, and system-side management software, which greatly reduces the processes of field work dispatching, and complete some processes like sending meter reading task,finding the address, managing meter reading task, recording the reading data, returning data entry, verifying bills, calculating bills and distributing bills and so on in the one-time on-site verification. It improves the efficiency and accuracy of on-site data collection and plays a very important role in reducing operating costs.

Download Task: Download the reading task through GPRS network or USB connection server.

Read Data: The meter reader uses the Google map to locate the task reading object, and communicates with the meter through the external RF module or Bluetooth infrared head through the wireless handheld terminal (i6300) to obtain accurate meter data.

Upload Data: The data read are uploaded to the management center database in real time through the wireless network to complete data verification and calculating.

Verify and Distribute Bills: Re-verify the abnormal data directly, verify the bill data directly, and directly print and distribute the bills with the Bluetooth printer.

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