Main Business

R&D and Manufacturing of Smart Meter Series of Products

The smart meter series of products developed and manufactured by Inhemeter include, but not limited to, the following categories: prepaid electric energy meter, keypad-type electric energy meter, multi-tariff electric energy meter, multi-function electric energy meter, split-type electric energy meter, wireless communication electric energy meter, replaceable communication module electric energy meter, high-accuracy gateway electric energy meter, electric energy meter for large power users , metering box, data concentrator unit, data collector, and power vending terminal etc. 

Development and Maintenance of Power System Application Software 

Inhemeter provides full-process application management softwares for power system, including smart power management system (AMR/AMI), smart vending system, metering data management system, self-service power purchase system, third-party agent vending system, STS code management system, scratch card vending management system,power purchase software on mobile phone (APP), handheld meter reading system, and POS machine vending system etc.

Integrated Solution for Smart Power Distribution System

Inhemeter provides the power companies with the integrated solution for the distribution system on the overall operation status diagnosis of the grid system and the overall transformation of the metering and billing system etc. It can help power companies to reduce overall line losses, lower operation and maintenance costs, shorten electricity bill collection cycle, reduce the difficulty of electricity bill collection, and improve end-user satisfaction, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of power companies.


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