INHEMETER Win Large-scale Smart Grid AMI Project


Good news 1. INHEMETER Win Large-scale Smart Grid AMI Project

In 2021, after more than a decade of deep cultivation in the electric power industry market and the improvement of services for tens of millions of end users, INHEMETER has won a large-scale smart grid AMI project and will provide advanced billing and charging service for the country's electric power users. It is reported that the client is one of the world's top ten companies in electric power production and marketing.

Standing on the global electric power market, INHEMETER serves global power utilities and end users with power core network billing and charging system, end-to-end full set of intelligent power distribution metering monitoring solutions and services to achieve customer maximum satisfaction.

Good News 2: Start New Chapter of Software with HUACHIP Holdings

On January 14th, the leaders of HUACHIP Holdings visited INHE and the two sides conducted an in-depth exchange on communication technology and software system.

As a professional provider of comprehensive service for ARM Internet of Things & frequency conversion solution , HUACHIP Holdings possesses industry-leading technical experts and experienced design and research teams, as well as leading domestic frequency conversion solution core algorithm design ability. It has accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources in the field of household appliances frequency conversion and Internet of Things communication.

The demand on big data and information and communication technology has constantly promoting the deep integration of power grid and Internet. (In this context,) INHEMETER takes the overall architecture solution and technical application of power Internet of Things as the industrial layout, and adheres to technological innovation. The in-depth communication and cooperation between the two sides started a new chapter of software, strengthened technical exchanges, and promoted the win-win situation in the future.

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